Marathon Morning

Little Bit and I headed downtown this morning so she could sing at mile 12 of the Columbus Marathon with her children’s choir. The kiddos were all bundled up against the chill of the morning.


It must have been a surprise for the runners to hear those angelic voices coming across the speakers. We could see their faces light up and they looked and waved at the kids at they ran past.


They trickled through at first, with the lead runner alone several minutes ahead of his nearest competitors. Then the crowd of runners increased.


For a very long time, there were runners as far as they eye could see. It was like standing on the edge of a river where you can feel the movement rushing past even though you yourself are standing still.


During a break, all the kids lined the edge of the course and many of the runners made their way to the edge to tap hands with the cheering singers. So much excitement and energy built by those kids encouraging the participants on.


I am not a runner. I love a good walk, but the distances that these steadfast people covered, I cannot even imagine.

This was my first time observing a marathon. It was very inspiring to see people of all shapes and sizes making their way past us on the course. My friend Nita was running, and our friend Karen was walking. We saw one of my yoga teachers, Megan, and one of Little Bit’s teacher’s brothers. There was a blind man running with a sighted partner. Young, old, male, female, alone and in groups. It was truly breathtaking.

Here’s too all the miles logged in preparation for the race and to all the brave runners and walkers – half and full marathoners – that got out there today and gave it their all. You’re all champions in my eyes!

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About Siobhan Wolf

Single mom, Spiritualist medium and minister, writer, and photographer exploring life from central Ohio.
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