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School days…

School started Wednesday. It was an occasion met with mixed emotions. Not one of us really fancies the idea of a 6:30-7:00 a.m. wake up call. In fact, Adia and I decided that school would be much better if it … Continue reading

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The big bad wolf

Being the only parent is not fun. There is only me for the kids to be angry with, and they are angry. They are angry their dad isn’t here. They are angry that I set limits and hold to them. … Continue reading

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Gratitude Lists

Malaika: Getting to go to Bunny Park, playing in the water, and I ate lunch. Adia: Going to Bunny Park. Playing with friends. Getting to help carry things to the park. Going to the grocery store. Picking out something for … Continue reading

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Girls Night In

It was a spur of the moment fashion show. My girlfriend who’d dropped by for the evening, the girls and I all congregated in my bedroom and while they gathered on the bed, I started putting on the dresses I’d … Continue reading

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Unlikely angels

Every Wednesday for over a year now, nearly without fail, the girls and I walk into Skyline Chili for dinner and kids’ night. Hot dogs cooked on long rolling metal tubes, soft shredded cheddar cheese, monkey dishes full of oyster … Continue reading

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Things I carry

The truth.My shoulders back, head high and chin up.Sole responsibility.The final say. The weight of secrets not my own.False tales told with me as a supporting character.Inside knowledge only a few believe.The spectre of lies about which I am not … Continue reading

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Too much of a good thing

Spontaneity. I am beginning to think that it is the purview of adults. Having finished the errands and details of the day by 3 p.m., I decided to spring the kids’ from their summer program early, take them for ice … Continue reading

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When Irish eyes are smiling

Some days, Mommy gets a present. After having a houseful of friends and fun and staying up late then sleeping in late, I got out of bed this morning and told the girls, “Get dressed. Let’s go to the Irish … Continue reading

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