We had a beautiful day

It started out early with an 8 a.m. appointment.  (I know, who does that over break, right?  I totally forgot to reschedule.  That is the state of my brain.)  The girls ate bagels from Panera while I took care of that.  Then it was off to the Y.  I am indebted to the Kids’ Time staff for entertaining the girls while I enjoyed an hour of yoga (and indebted to my yoga instructor for continuing to hold class over break!).  When I was finished up, the girls were just heading into the pool, so I was able to sit for a luxurious hour and a half sipping from my bottled water, working on a post I hope to have up here very soon, and reading my twitter feed in the little lobby area beside the pool room.  Relaxing.  Productive.

When I went to sign the kids out of Kids’ Time, they weren’t ready to get out of the pool. Bonus!  So I sat in the warmth of the pool room and continued to write while they played and swam.  It was delightful to watch Adia with her face in the water doing butterfly kick. (She must have taught herself – amazing!)  Malaika made friends with every kid that got into the pool, playing tag and football and splashing with happy abandon.  I got to see Adia do a cannonball – which made me smile big since this is the girl who didn’t want water on her face just a few months ago.   She showed me her underwater handstands, too.  I wrote, they continued their pool time for another hour and a half.

After their long, hot showers, we trudged out of the Y and headed to JoAnn Fabrics to register Adia for her first sewing class.   We ran an unexpected errand to Sally’s Beauty Supply for hair detangler and the girls scored awesome locking mini cosmetics cases on clearance.  (They got a boatload of lip balm and lip gloss from Santa this year.)  The cases were so fascinating that they kept them entertained all the way home in the car and then some.  While I made their PB&As (that’s peanut butter and apple butter because today we are out of raspberry jelly) for lunch, they figured out how the locks on the cases worked and marveled at the mirrored lids.  Malaika was gob-smacked.  (Oh My Gosh, MOM!  I can SEE my tooth that is starting to come in!  That is so AWESOME! I have never SEEN my own tooth coming in before!)

They ate – no complaints.  They were hungry after three hours in the pool.  And then they asked, they ASKED, “Mom, can we go downstairs and watch tv, please?”  They said PLEASE!  I told them that yes, they certainly could.  I voiced my appreciation for their cooperation and their excellent behavior choices today.  I encouraged them in their ability to makes these stellar choices every day.

Not only that, but the sun has been shining all afternoon.  Last I checked, the temperature was a balmy 50 degrees.  All the snow in the backyard has melted away.  And the resident squirrels have been frolicking in the fort and on the swing set frame – I even saw one do a FLIP right into their nest.  Pretty amazing.

I think we hit our winter break stride today – or maybe we hit it yesterday when we spent the day out and about with my friend, Jackie, who’s been recovering from a total knee replacement.  We’ve missed her and are so happy she is back up and around moving better every single day.  Either way, the past few days have been a great change from the upset and bickering and discontent that seemed to have filled the house earlier in the break.  Maybe it takes a week or so to transition into our new routine.  Maybe as the return to school and all those familiar doings looms closer, the tension of what to do with break is removed and we all relax just a bit.

No matter – for today, I am grateful.


About Siobhan Wolf

Single mom, Spiritualist medium and minister, writer, and photographer exploring life from central Ohio.
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2 Responses to We had a beautiful day

  1. dawn says:

    That sounds like a lovely day! You know, I realized after talking to my sister yesterday that school starts Monday so clearly we’re not going to see you guys over break after all. Winter break sure seemed a lot longer when I was a kid. Also Madison and I watched this the other day:

    In case you guys haven’t seen it!!

    • Siobhan Wolf says:

      We did have a lovely day. It does look as though we won’t see you over break unless you’d like to join us tomorrow evening. Mike and Jackie will be over and we’ll probably just hang out and play Pictionary. You are more than welcome. As for winter break being longer, I can attest to the fact that this one has been well long enough! (They’ve been out since the 17th, and finally we are not in at-each-other’s-throats mode.)

      I had NOT seen the video, though a friend of mine had sent me a copy of the song on CD. I will definitely have to play the vid for Malaika. Adia’s got a song, too, from Sarah McLaughlin.

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