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Random Pondering

These are things I am pondering today. 1.  What is up with drivers lately?  When an emergency vehicle is coming toward me in the opposite lane, I always pull to the right and stop.  The last four or five times … Continue reading

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Holiday Melancholy

It’s been three years that I’ve been doing the single parent dance.  I’ve come a very long way in making that work with two very busy, active girls, one with invisible special needs  (invisible to onlookers, not, of course, to … Continue reading

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Wading In: Dipping Our Toes Into Self Portraiture – Highlights

Harder for me to post these but here goes. January 17, 2011 – A Beginning Testing the Waters I See…Me! January 19, 2011 – All Wrapped Up February 3, 2011 – Peeking into History A Place That Has History After … Continue reading

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Picture Winter wrap-up

Final images from the Picture Winter course. January 15, 2011 – Cool Blue Bumped up the blue on these snowbound grasses. Cool Berry Blue I’m not a post-processor. I’ll admit, I’m afraid of it. I have photoshop but not loaded … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

For the first time in many years, Valentine’s Day has not felt bad.  Here is my Valentine’s message to you, I hope you’ll take it to heart.  (pun very much intended, of course)

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I am missing my old doggie tonight.  Seems like a funny thing given the timing – middle of winter storms, two days of school closures and being stuck inside, not able or wanting to get out of the house for … Continue reading

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