Random Pondering

These are things I am pondering today.

1.  What is up with drivers lately?  When an emergency vehicle is coming toward me in the opposite lane, I always pull to the right and stop.  The last four or five times this has happened, the car behind me has passed me and continued up the lane a good ways before finally stopping but not even pulling over in some cases.  I do not get this.  What is wrong with people?

2. Stimulant medications for ADHD are a blessing and a curse.  A couple of weeks ago, my daughter didn’t take her med and it was a day from hell.  She obviously needs the medication and benefits greatly from it.  There comes a time every day, however, usually between 4:30 and 5:00 p.m. when her irritability is extremely hard to take. Everything bothers her and she lashes out verbally at the world that seems to be assaulting her sensibilities.  While this is probably a couple of hours too early for her 12 dosing to be out of her system, it is certainly starting to wear off.  The “crash” from this medication is far less severe than the crash she experienced when she was taking Adderall.  The irritability side effect of that one left her nearly impossible to live with for most of the day.  She takes a non-stimulant med that is a 24 hour dose to help during the waking hours when her stimulant med has worn off/not kicked in.  We just upped that the other day, and I think it is helping.  I am grateful that there are medications that can help her.  I just wish that there was some way for her to avoid the predictable, daily irritation part of it all.

3.  Home improvements are WAY more work than I even thought, and I figured it would be a lot.  I have finally recovered from the disrupted house this week.  It is so much warmer in here, and I like that a lot.  In fact, I have decreased the thermostat setting by two degrees and am getting a better, more consistent warmth than before.  But I can assure you, I won’t be setting off into any big projects any time soon.  I’m not that recovered from it all.

4.  I am always amazed when the little pointy shoots show up, even before the spring arrives.  I planted a boatload of bulbs at Thanksgiving and I am looking very much forward to seeing just what they grow into.

5. Why do I always get the wrong batteries for the kids’ toys, even when I think I’m being careful?

6. Allowances.  I’ve been reading up on them.  Do people do this any more?  I like the idea of teaching the girls to manage their money.  From the articles I’ve read, it appears that I have more thinking to do on the subject.  In the meantime, the girls would like to earn money so they can keep up their DS game and other toy purchases.  I don’t like the idea of linking allowances to chores because I think chores are part of family responsibility.  But the allowance thinking will have to percolate a bit longer now that I’ve gathered more information to think about.  This isn’t exactly the outcome I expected when I went searching on that subject today.

7. Now that the babysitter has an end date set (Tuesday), I wonder how life will change.  It has been nice having a reliable go to person for the past couple of years.  I truly have no leads, and I’m not sure I’ll be as lucky again.  Adia is 11 now, but she is no where near ready to babysit – and she may never be ready to babysit her sister.  As we move ever closer to middle school, a part of me is hopeful that friendships may begin to emerge that would give her the benefit of going to friends’ from time to time instead of always being at home with a sitter on the (rare) occasions I am away.   I am one of those people who believe, even when it takes me some serious effort, that there is usually a positive outcome when something big in life changes.  My spiritual beliefs lead me to think that when changes happen, even when I don’t like them, there is some reason and that I will benefit.  So, I’m sure that something will come about that will surprise me.  No idea when.  It might be sooner, it might be later.  I have to put my mind on something other than the not knowing, because I know that will make me anxious and my being anxious does nothing to serve anyone.

I suppose I could write a blog post on any one or all of these things individually, but when I do that, nothing ends up getting written at all.  So, random thoughts it is.


About Siobhan Wolf

Single mom, Spiritualist medium and minister, writer, and photographer exploring life from central Ohio.
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