Spring Break!

Today was the first day off for spring break. The girls got up and watched cartoons, letting me sleep in until noon. Then we headed out to First Watch for brunch.

Adia enjoyed a strawberry covered Belgian waffle.

After breakfast we went to the eye glass shop to pick up Malaika’s new glasses. She is too cute!

It was cold but the sun was shining so we headed off to the park. We picked a new one, near the eye glass shop, and the girls had a blast exploring the three playgrounds. With all the climbing and swinging and running around, they didn’t really notice the chilly breeze.

They even found some dinosaur fossils.

Who says Disney has all the fun?

On the way home from the park they decided that they want to go to the pool. So we grabbed a quick dinner and headed off the to the Y. Lucky for them, the slide was open – and Malaika was finally tall enough to take a turn.

Adia was not about to be outdone.

They were so tired when we got home, but showered, had a snack, and were asleep on their feet before they fell into bed. Surely they are dreaming about the return to the Y in the morning. (Bless the Y, they run Kids’ Time during spring break so the kids will go play and swim while I’m taking my yoga class and hanging out to finish my French homework.)

Not a bad start to our staycation.


About Siobhan Wolf

Single mom, Spiritualist medium and minister, writer, and photographer exploring life from central Ohio.
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  1. I LOVE these pictures.

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