Last night we celebrated my oldest daughter’s birthday with what has become her beloved tradition – she gets to invite a friend along and we go to the ballet of The Nutcracker. It is always a magical time, and even though she is turning 12, my daughter is as spell-bound by the tale as she was when she first saw it on her 10th birthday. We love getting dressed up and heading out into the cold night knowing that magic awaits. As always we were greeted at the front of the theatre by the Nutcracker himself. And he didn’t mind posing for pictures. The girls were delighted.

The show did not fail to meet the very high expectations the girls held for the evening. The littlest one sat at the edge of her seat for the entire show and was swept up in the magic. I have to admit, I enjoy the show as much as the girls do. Don’t we all believe in the magic of the holidays?

I took the picture of them with my phone last night. But since I was thinking about The Nutcracker today, I decided that our own nutcracker could pose for me for today’s picture. As much as the girls enjoy Clara’s dream, they both said they are glad that our own nutcracker and his little friend stand still and steadfast beside the fireplace, without waving them goodnight.

About Siobhan Wolf

Single mom, Spiritualist medium and minister, writer, and photographer exploring life from central Ohio.
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