Simple Pleasures

Today found me admiring just how well the girls were playing together and how creative they were in their play. They dug out all the Barbies and set to making a hair salon outside the new Barbie house. The lone male Barbie came by to give the girls massages. It got quiet then and when I looked up they had their sleep masks over their mouths and were carefully studying one of the dolls. They were playing dentist, they told me, the youngest one as the dentist and the older one handing her the tools as requested like a well trained scrub nurse. When we went to the grocery because we were running out of bread, they begged me to get them a box of gloves – gloves like doctors and dentists use. “They’re so much fun,” they pleaded, “Please!” We came home with gloves. They set about creating new hairstyles for the Barbies and lined them all up for photographs. Then came the bakery phase. Out with the Playdoh and the gloved hands moved to the kitchen table. With rolling pin and cookie cutters at hand, they created pizza with toppings piled high and boy and girl shaped cookies. I tried to capture the fun undetected, but alas, they know the telltale peep of my autofocus lens. Still, what a great afternoon and evening of sisterly love and simple pleasures.

The day started off pretty spectacularly as well. I don’t know what possessed me – I’m chalking it up to Kim Klassen’s Oh, Yes You Can pep talk on Shutter Sisters yesterday – but I asked my oldest with all confidence if she would like French toast for breakfast. I am well known not to be a cook. I burn the pancakes. I burn the take and bake pizza. But she said yes, as I knew she would, so I looked up a recipe on the internet and set about making it. I am pleased to report that it was a roaring success and she ate every last bite. So, you’ll indulge me this image – because Oh, Yes, I Can!


About Siobhan Wolf

Single mom, Spiritualist medium and minister, writer, and photographer exploring life from central Ohio.
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