For a couple of weeks I’ve been building up the nerve to try some jump shots, inspired by Meredith Winn and Kristin Zecchinelli and the wonderful women of the Now You workshops course I am taking. I am not a jumper, I have to say. My knees get just a little nervous at the thought. With this week’s challenge of whimsy added to the roots and wings from a few weeks ago (wherein I remained firmly rooted, I might add), I decided it was time to just do it.

It is a lot of work, jumping. It wore me out, frankly. But I managed to catch some serious air and had a good long laugh doing so. I may be a little sore from the repeated attempts, but I’m not one to turn down a workout. I bet next time it will be even easier.

Managed to get in the air and stick my tongue out all at once. Now that’s talent.

I believe I can fly!

Happy to have my little jumper by my side. We had so much fun flying together.


About Siobhan Wolf

Single mom, Spiritualist medium and minister, writer, and photographer exploring life from central Ohio.
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