This is Summer

Days like today make me stop and pause just to watch, to take it all in, to cherish the moments. This afternoon, after the tutoring and daily reading was complete, the girls and I sorted through their camp clothes in preparation for their upcoming camp weeks. In the midst of all the goofing and giggling we discovered that we have most of what they’ll need – little one gained a few shirts and shorts from her big sis and big sis needs some jeans for her week at horseback riding ranch, but other than that, it’s just a matter of bagging up the clothes and packing the duffles. We finished with plenty of time to pack up and head to the pool for a couple of hours. I so enjoyed having the girls match me lap for lap. It is a lot of fun to just hang out in the pool and play with them, then watch them hanging out and playing with each other. I even got some leisure reading in. All those early Saturday mornings for swim lessons were so worth it.

Once we finished at the pool, the girls were so peaceful; there wasn’t even any fighting in the dressing room. The rest of the evening was just as relaxed. We enjoyed dinner at Skyline and got home with an hour to spare before their dance classes. We also had a wonderful surprise – the girls’ former babysitter surprised us with a visit. We had a great time catching up and look forward to visiting further before she returns to Texas.

The girls had a good time at dance, and they were worn out when I picked them up. They fell into bed muttering about dance moves and talking about what they are going to do at the pool tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it, too. Happy family memories being made today. I am blessed.


About Siobhan Wolf

Single mom, Spiritualist medium and minister, writer, and photographer exploring life from central Ohio.
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