Camp Visit

Way too early this morning, my friend and I drove out to camp to visit the girls in between sessions and to see the parent show at Ranch. We first went and picked up little one to take her along to the horse show as well.

She was really excited to see mommmy! (the feeling was definitely mutual)

When we got to Ranch, big one was excited to see mom, too. She was pretty excited to see her little sister, too.

While I checked her papers and arranged for her luggage to get taken to the main camp for next week, she took her sister off to show her where she’d bunked for the week. (I got a little misty capturing this.)

My horse-riding girl came to get me after I’d taken care of the paperwork. “If you want to pet Dusty, now’s the time, I have to take him out to pasture,” she told me. She was going to be riding a different horse for the parent show than the one she’d ridden all week. I’d met her horse when we first arrived and she’d told me, “He only listened to me 1% of the time!” I sent her off to the barn and I wandered around, ending up over by the ring. Standing alongside the riding ring, I looked out into the somewhat misty morning. There, beyond the ring, was the pasture.

(Watching my girl saying good-bye to her horse brought tears to my eyes, such a touching moment that I was gifted to witness and capture unnoitced.)

The parent show was great. My girl did a fantastic job and received a lot of praise from her instructor for how she handled her stubborn horse this week. With the show finished, we loaded into the car and headed into town for some food. The girls didn’t stop talking the entire time we were out. They were tired, they were dirty, but they had a great week at camp. Stay-over weekend is laid back and fun and we left them watching Harry Potter with their campmates. I can’t wait for next weekend when we’ll get to see the performance from Drama Camp.

About Siobhan Wolf

Single mom, Spiritualist medium and minister, writer, and photographer exploring life from central Ohio.
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