Another lovely afternoon – warm, sunny – so Little Bit and I headed downtown to feed the ducks. There is one swan that lives on the creek. We usually see him hanging out downstream from the waterfall, hanging out on the far bank away from the walking paths. He seems to keep to himself. I was told by someone last summer that, not having a mate, he looks after the ducks. The other day as we drove home, we’d seen him walking along the bank beside the waterfall as we drove across the bridge. What an odd sight, a swan out of water – awkward and gangly, his long neck extended out in front of him like a snake. We had never been close to him before, though. Until today.


We were there, feeding the few ducks that gathered around, when all of a sudden the swan came barreling up the creek. I had no idea that swans could move so fast. He was a swan quite obviously on a mission. He paddled past us and right at two loud Canadian geese that had landed a bit upstream from where we stood. He charged through the water and flapped his huge, white wings and waggled his backside when he reached the geese. They obliged by flying off even further upstream. Satisfied, the swan swam much more slowly back and forth a few times, still waggling his backside in warning, then headed back downstream. He took his time going back, and he even stopped by to check out the offerings from Little Bit.


Last summer the ducks gathered close around the kids, clamoring for bread crumbs. Today they must have been fed before we got there. They hung back a bit, waiting in the water for the crumbs to come to them.


When the ducks lost interest, Little Bit found some stones to skip, picked up a tiny shell that she tucked away in her pocket, and watched some kids fishing off the bridge. Then we took a walk to a little store that she has long wanted to visit. She was in heaven looking a gemstones and trinkets there and was excited to find a spring cage necklace that she chose a quartz crystal point to put in it. She even picked out an amethyst point to put in a necklace for her sister.

We ordered our Friday pizza dinner on the way home, and while we waited for it to be ready for pick up, she wanted to climb. So we headed over to the school playground. And climb she did.


A lovely way to end spring break week.


About Siobhan Wolf

Single mom, Spiritualist medium and minister, writer, and photographer exploring life from central Ohio.
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