Dance Competition

Today was my big girl’s first dance competition. She and her group did a fantastic job and scored a Top First Place. Proud mama moment.


As if in celebration, the first orchid bud opened up this morning. I think the center looks a little bit like a dancer, don’t you?



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Single mom, Spiritualist medium and minister, writer, and photographer exploring life from central Ohio.
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7 Responses to Dance Competition

  1. How exciting! My daughters both danced…they loved all the excitement, costumes and makeup. She looks beautiful!

    • Siobhan Wolf says:

      Thank you so much, Sheila. She was really excited about it and winning a trophy for her group was a big deal for her. She is looking forward to next weekend’s competition for another opportunity to shine. It always surprises me. She is a fairly shy young lady but she loves the stage and performing. I’m so glad she has this outlet.

  2. Oh my gosh, I cannot believe how grown up she looks, Siobhan! She is so so so gorgeous!!!

    • Siobhan Wolf says:

      Thank you so much, Dawn! I’m telling you, when she has that stage makeup simply transforms her. It’s shocking to me, even when I’m applying the transformation myself. When I got last year’s dance pictures from the photo studio, I nearly fell off the couch. Between the makeup, the more grownup style costumes they’re wearing now, and her height and how she carries herself in her outfits, I was seeing a young adult version of her right before my eyes. Took my breath away. (I’m really glad that she only wears makeup for dance competitions and recitals, to be honest, I’m really not ready for her to be all that grown up just yet. Truly.)

  3. Sue Love says:

    Wonderful costume! She looks totally fab. Tell her congrats on First Place. What music did they dance to?

    • Siobhan Wolf says:

      Thank you so much, Sue! I will surely pass your congrats along to her. They are dancing to I Wish, which is some kind of a remix of a Stevie Wonder song. I’m not sure who performs it. It’s a pretty peppy song and they have a really cute choreography. Some of their steps in there are quick and more challenging ones.

  4. Well, I’m the only person who is going to say ~ wow, what a pretty orchid! Oh, and daughter #1 looks amazing, too! hahahaha! Seriously, though, she looks amazing : )

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