It seems as though something new is blooming everywhere you look.

My annual magnolia photo. Love this color so much.


Found a candy cane striped hyacinth and brought a few stalks into the house.


Even the old and over grown forsythia managed a few blooms. (It would do better if it were thinned, but it is home to so many bird families and the rabbits live beneath it, so I choose not to disturb them. It still greens up wonderfully.)


Had to come inside for one, though. This one is for Meg. A second orchid bloom has opened. They are so sweet.



About Siobhan Wolf

Single mom, Spiritualist medium and minister, writer, and photographer exploring life from central Ohio.
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6 Responses to Variety

  1. I am envious of all your beautiful blooms!

    • Siobhan Wolf says:

      I do hope that spring reaches you soon, Sheila. I’m a little worried for some of the buds out there now. They’re saying a cold front is moving through over the weekend and we might have a frost. Such is the way here. Unpredictable at best.

  2. MJ says:

    What a treat to see these! Thank you for posting them, Siobhan.

    • Siobhan Wolf says:

      Thank you so much, MJ! That orchid that has its first rebloom is the one Barbara gave me at ordination last fall. I’m just thrilled with how well it has done, it being my first foray into dealing with orchids. All this color surrounding us certainly brings a huge smile to my face after the long enough winter.

  3. michelle gd says:

    oh, these are all so lovely!!!!

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