Postcard Swap

It has been a lot of fun and a lot of wonderful art has made its way to my mailbox thanks to Kat Sloma and this year’s Liberate Your Art postcard swap.

My first card came all the way from Pam in Wellington, New South Wales, Australia. What a gorgeous sunrise.


Every time we got a notice from Kat that she’d mailed out the next round of postcards, each trip to the mailbox was filled with excitement and anticipation. This next postcard came from Sarah Lynch, a beautiful painting of a morning in fall on the Welland Canal featuring vapor clouds from Niagara Falls. You can see more of Sarah’s work at her Etsy shop.


The variety of art is really inspiring. My next card came from Janet Kemper.


This next beauty came from Linda who you can find here and here.


This next postcard, from Dotti Rinehart, was tasty indeed. You can find Dotti on the Focusing On Life collaborative blog and on her blog.


At the end of the swap, Kat sends a piece of her artwork. I loved this year’s beautiful blue.


It is really hard to have the swap come to an end. I mean, wouldn’t you like to receive art in the mail every week? Of course! The nice thing is that some additional post-swap swapping has gone on. In addition to the official swap cards, I’ve received art from Sonya Versluys,


from Janice,


From Maria,


And from Sherry


It has been a wonderful time, sharing and receiving art around the world. If you want to see even more of the art that was liberated this year, check out the links from the Blog Hop. And if you’re interested in liberating your art into the world, join us in next year’s swap!


About Siobhan Wolf

Single mom, Spiritualist medium and minister, writer, and photographer exploring life from central Ohio.
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4 Responses to Postcard Swap

  1. I just received your beautiful postcard Siobhan, I love it! So creative and interesting…you made my day!! xx Sheila

    • Siobhan Wolf says:

      Oh, I’m so glad it arrived and that you liked it, Sheila. Your adorable card arrived to me today! I love, love, love it. I had not seen that little guy at Camp, but I so wish I had. (I had a little doggie encounter at Oasis and captured one shot of him that I simply adore, I’ll have to share that with you one day soon.) Oh, how I miss the beach, and the sisterhood! Thank you for sending that smile into my day and warmth into my heart. xo

  2. Lovely collection here Siobhan!

    • Siobhan Wolf says:

      Thank you so much for dropping by and commenting, Sheila. (I also messaged you on FB, you might have to check the dreaded “other” box, I’m not sure. LOL)

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