Off to Camp

The big day arrived. Despite their nerves, the girls were excited to be getting out to camp. Last minute additions to their bags took a few minutes longer than expected, but then we were loaded up and ready to go.


The excitement increased when we arrived. The camp streamlined the registering and it seemed to move very quickly. We even had an escort to the girls’ cabins. That was a new and much appreciated touch.

Despite her complaints and protestations, Little Bit was the first delivered to her cabin. She was excited to see her new space and to meet her counselors and cabin mates. I think she was happy with what she found.


Thirteen. She did not want her picture taken at her cabin, so I had to settle for the welcome sign. I did get a hug and kiss from her, something I didn’t get from the other one.


Once home, I took a nice evening stroll over to the pond behind the middle school. I was hoping to see some baby ducks and their mama. Along the way, I found hidden treasures.



And then, just what I’d hoped for. There were a couple of mamas with babies paddling along behind them. The way the pond is situated, I couldn’t get too close, but I did capture these. Might just be “our” mama and her littles.



About Siobhan Wolf

Single mom, Spiritualist medium and minister, writer, and photographer exploring life from central Ohio.
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