Camp Visit

The first week of summer camp ended today and I made the drive out to visit. Adia was in the Drama Camp section and they wrote and put on a performance for the parents this morning. Adia played a cat.


Malaika was only registered for one week of camp, but I gave her the option of staying for a second week. Adia was already registered for and looking forward to her stayover weekend and second week, when she’ll go to Ranch and spend a week with the horses. Malaika was not at all excited at the prospect of a second week.


One of the fun parts of stayover weekend is getting to go into town with mom for a little bit. After we went to the store for more bug spray and batteries to get Adia through her second week, she wanted to go to McDonald’s for a late breakfast. I guess the fun and silliness of camp hadn’t worn off, as Adia promptly took the receipt from her Egg McMuffin and plastered it to her forehead.


Malaika decided that seemed like a good idea, so she put hers on top of her head.


Adia cried when we went back to camp and Malaika decided definitively that she was not going to stay for the second week. She really wanted her sister to spend the week at camp with her, though they wouldn’t probably see much of each other with one at Ranch and the other not. It was touching to see how much big sister was going to miss little sister. Once she dried her eyes and we got about settling her in for her stayover time, she was just fine. A big hug to us both and she was off with her cabinmates to retrieve her belongings and deliver them to their weekend home before heading to the mess hall for some lunch and midday activities.

Next Saturday we’ll make the trip out again to see Adia in her mini horse show and bring her home from camp.


About Siobhan Wolf

Single mom, Spiritualist medium and minister, writer, and photographer exploring life from central Ohio.
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