Horse Week

My heart was filled to bursting when we arrived at camp this morning to pick Adia up from her week at ranch. We found her in the barn saddling up her ride, Mr. Baffles. She looked tired but ready for their horse show.


The girls and their horses did a great job showing their horses. Their grand finale was a pinwheel complete with a Gangnam Style accompaniment courtesy of one of the counselor’s car stereos. Each of the riders was introduced and the counselor gave glowing reviews about their accomplishments. Then the girls returned their horses to the barn and let them out into the pasture.

In the barn Adia seemed a little anxious. She gets very attached to her horse, so I asked her if she wanted to be alone with him. She gave me a nod. Not long after we left the barn, she and Mr. Baffles came out into the side yard.


She headed from the barn straight into my arms and full of tears. Goodbyes are hard. After a moment, she was ready to collapse into the car. She regaled us with tales of her camp adventures – the big swing, high ropes course, boating, the best breakfasts, and so much more, all in addition to all her horse adventures. Camp is the best!

Later at home, while Adia napped, Malaika and I spotted the white squirrel running around in the backyard while we ate lunch. He’s quick but I managed to snap a few quick shots of him.


Look close, he’s in midair, you can even see a bit of his shadow on the ground beneath him. (And he’s got a black eye, not pink, just like I thought. He’s white, but not an albino squirrel.)


Been a long day but it is good to have both the girls home. We enjoyed getting caught up on America’s Got Talent tonight. I’m sure they’ll both sleep well, dreaming of their camping adventures.


About Siobhan Wolf

Single mom, Spiritualist medium and minister, writer, and photographer exploring life from central Ohio.
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