Winter Weary

The end of last week the sun came out and some of our ice and snow began to melt. I took a detour on my way home and stopped off at the nature preserve to shoot some shadow play. It was even warm enough to ditch my heavy overcoat and go out, briefly, with just my vest.


I just couldn’t get enough of the sun. It was a glorious afternoon.


As I was leaving the preserve parking lot, I spotted a field of enormous fun.


I had to take a moment and get a little closer. It looks like some one, or many, had a great time with all the snow we’ve have had.


It was too good to last, though. The sun and melting was replaced with yet another winter storm. A good deal of snow topped with ice this time, leading to one more snow day for the schools. This is what I found when I ventured out finally this afternoon.


The snow was deeper the further toward the center of the driveway and yard we got. I couldn’t really tell where the grass ended and the sidewalk began.


She thought she’d tackle the driveway, but found that this snow was super heavy because of the ice.


Even though our street was eventually plowed and I got one of the neighbor boys to shovel the driveway for us, there is still an awful lot of snow and ice to be removed out there. I’m grateful that the girls will go to school tomorrow, even though they’ll be on a two hour delay.

Our Ohio groundhog, Buckeye Chuck, didn’t see his shadow over the weekend, so I am really putting my thoughts on the arrival of some warmer days, return of the sunshine, and a more permanent melt. A girl can hope, anyway!


About Siobhan Wolf

Single mom, Spiritualist medium and minister, writer, and photographer exploring life from central Ohio.
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