Happy Mother’s Day

We celebrated Mother’s Day with lots of good food. Adia’s Home Ec cooking assignment came at the best possible time. She planned and prepared the meals today.


The preparations began last night. First up, cilantro lime marinade for the shrimp.


And a colorful corn, bean and mango salsa.


She also put together a breakfast casserole that went into the oven first thing this morning.


It was delicious!


Next up, she made a batch of Congo Squares for dessert.



They looked and smelled so good – and they tasted even better!


The final step was to prepare an avocado cream for the tacos.


It didn’t take long for the smell of grilling shrimp to whip up our appetites.


So very grateful to the Home Ec teacher. And so proud of my girl. She made four recipes from scratch, foods that we hadn’t tried before, and she ate and enjoyed them as much as I did. While the cooking was happening, little sister vacuumed the house for me. It was a wonderful way to spend Mother’s Day!

About Siobhan Wolf

Single mom, Spiritualist medium and minister, writer, and photographer exploring life from central Ohio.
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1 Response to Happy Mother’s Day

  1. your girl is one awesome cook! My girl and your girl could have some fun in the kitchen together. Mine loves to bake and be in the kitchen. Sounds so good too.

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