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Kisses to Heaven

Sometimes it is hard being eight and having your daddy live in the spirit world. While we miss him all the times, sometimes are tougher than others. In order to give this tough time something we could do, I suggested … Continue reading

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Holiday Melancholy

It’s been three years that I’ve been doing the single parent dance.  I’ve come a very long way in making that work with two very busy, active girls, one with invisible special needs  (invisible to onlookers, not, of course, to … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

For the first time in many years, Valentine’s Day has not felt bad.  Here is my Valentine’s message to you, I hope you’ll take it to heart.  (pun very much intended, of course)

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The big bad wolf

Being the only parent is not fun. There is only me for the kids to be angry with, and they are angry. They are angry their dad isn’t here. They are angry that I set limits and hold to them. … Continue reading

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Things I carry

The truth.My shoulders back, head high and chin up.Sole responsibility.The final say. The weight of secrets not my own.False tales told with me as a supporting character.Inside knowledge only a few believe.The spectre of lies about which I am not … Continue reading

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“Everyone has a story…”

It’s true, of course. We all do. I’m sure that even the secretary for the assistant school district superintendent has one. Despite the school district’s open enrollment policy, my request for in district transfer to keep Adia in the school … Continue reading

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