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Baby Redbud

Be still my heart. And speaking of hearts. I know they’re “weeds” when they’re in the grass, but how can I resist these delicate little hearts?

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Evening Visit

Interesting seeds growing out of the trunk of this tree outside the dance studio. When I got home, a couple of ducks were hanging out in the back yard. Our mama was on the nest out front, so this must … Continue reading

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On the Verge

Given a couple of warm days, it seems the outdoors is on the verge of bursting into bloom. Eastern Redbud (weeping variety) Hyacinth Weeping Cherry

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On a Clear Day

It is said that on a clear day you can see forever. Today, the clouds left me feeling eternity. I took a little walk, and the trees smiled at me. I don’t know what it was, but it was beautiful. … Continue reading

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Urban Landscapes

In the process of locating the restrooms today while I was at a Girl Scout event, I wandered outside to capture a little bit of downtown. Under construction Lost turn

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It was gray and rainy today. We watched the wet commute while we waited for friends.

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