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Staycation Continues

We took it easy yesterday but the kids did spend a few hours in the pool at the Y. That left the girls ready to go this morning. It was supposed to be the coldest day of the week, so … Continue reading

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Spring Break!

Today was the first day off for spring break. The girls got up and watched cartoons, letting me sleep in until noon. Then we headed out to First Watch for brunch. Adia enjoyed a strawberry covered Belgian waffle. After breakfast … Continue reading

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Heart Sore

Everything is hurting my heart this week.  Triple disaster in Japan.  Bombing in Libya.  Bus bombing in Jerusalem.  Freaky car accidents.  Kidnappings.  Local government cutting services right and left.  Bullying.  It all makes me cry.  The injustices in the world … Continue reading

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Some days are too much for one person

Today was one of them. The fifth grade went to BizTown, a Junior Achievement run town simulation to teach kids how to manage money, write checks, hold a job, and spend their earnings.  They had a great time.  It required … Continue reading

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Let’s face it.  Everybody works hard.  To hear it told, you would think that teachers and fire fighters and other public employees spend their days with their feet up watching tv and eating bonbons.  (Hey, wait, isn’t that what stay … Continue reading

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This may be controversial

I heard it on the evening local NPR news, unceremoniously reported that the Ohio legislature voted to strip public employee unions of collective bargaining rights, including the right to strike.  I can’t even put words to how sad, and how … Continue reading

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