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So many people I know have been under the weather of late. I’ve been fighting it off myself. Sending out a whole lot of healing.

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Rays of Light Church celebration of Ordination, culmination of several years of study. All dressed up and ready to go. Mike, Diane and I. My girls and I.

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Daily Practice

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Waking From a Dream

Last night I dreamed I was at Camp. I relaxed so fully and completely into the softness of the slightly tilted mattress and slept more soundly than I do when one ear is turned toward possibly waking children. The lullaby … Continue reading

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I Went to Camp

It is hard to put words to magic. Love. Acceptance. Inspiration. Sisterhood. The beach. Comfy “cabins”. Family style meals. Stories ’round the campfire. Creating beauty. Expressing yourself. Rest and relaxation. All of this and more. I am changed. I am … Continue reading

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What a Difference a Day Makes

It was early, the last day of the week and the first week of school. Her meds had not kicked in yet. Laying curled up on the couch, she picked up the cardboard package I set beside the computer to … Continue reading

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Heart Sore

Everything is hurting my heart this week.  Triple disaster in Japan.  Bombing in Libya.  Bus bombing in Jerusalem.  Freaky car accidents.  Kidnappings.  Local government cutting services right and left.  Bullying.  It all makes me cry.  The injustices in the world … Continue reading

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Let’s face it.  Everybody works hard.  To hear it told, you would think that teachers and fire fighters and other public employees spend their days with their feet up watching tv and eating bonbons.  (Hey, wait, isn’t that what stay … Continue reading

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Random Pondering

These are things I am pondering today. 1.  What is up with drivers lately?  When an emergency vehicle is coming toward me in the opposite lane, I always pull to the right and stop.  The last four or five times … Continue reading

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Gratitude Lists

Malaika: Getting to go to Bunny Park, playing in the water, and I ate lunch. Adia: Going to Bunny Park. Playing with friends. Getting to help carry things to the park. Going to the grocery store. Picking out something for … Continue reading

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